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Golf in the Lothians

Golf Near Belstane Log Cabins

Central Scotland is Golf Country and we have dozens of golf courses near at hand. Golf in Scotland is relatively inexpensive and you’ll find you can get a round of golf on one of the many nearby courses for only a few pounds, especially if whilst on holiday, you can tee off at a time when the course is quiet. Whilst with some courses you can book on line or just turn up on spec, it’s often a good idea to phone ahead and see if there are any offers of cheaper rounds on the go.

Here are a few local courses within very easy reach:


Harburn Large

For a quiet country golf course, one of the nearest and best must be Harburn, just five or six miles miles drive from Belstane. It’s a mature course dating back to the thirties, with some challenging and some not-so-challenging holes. They keep a good kitchen at Harburn too so for golfers with kids at foot it makes a good mix with the nearby Five Sisters Zoo. Visitors are welcome. Like many  a mature course bordering on old moorland, it’s worth taking the midge repellent in mid summer but Harburn is lovely course with the unusual feature of offering an easy twelve holes if you leave a car on the roadside at the 12th green.

Deer Park

An altogether more commercial offering, Deer Park is a long course stretching some 6,727 yards. With more of a country club feel there’s also a fitness centre and ten pin bowling alley as well as a pretty decent restaurant.


Part of the Marriott hotel chain, this is a world-renowned course which has seen many major championships in its day. Not for the faint of heart, Dalmahoy offers a monstrous 7,400 yards so bring your ‘big Bertha’ driver with you. But don’t be too afraid, the fairways are broad and the long rough is short – ish.

Also a country club, Dalmahoy offers high class dining and a fitness centre too.


Another mature country course near Pumpherston, the home of shale mining in Britain and where the so-called “Paraffin Young” invented, yes you guessed it, paraffin. Despite it’s relatively unknown status in the annals of Scottish golf, this course dates back to 1895 and it’s still a very testing course of just over 6,000 yards. Vistors welcome.

Ratho Park

A lovely mature and quite posh course of almost 6,000 yards, Ratho Park’s fairways surround an early nineteenth century stately home which now offers a quality dining experience . Visitors, as with most Scottish courses, are welcome but Ratho Park’s charms come a little pricier than some of the other courses mentioned. Still worth it though.


With a similar history to Harburn and Pumpherston, Uphall reflects the burgeoning of golf in the late nineteenth century. As a result the course is a mature one although you can still see the traditional rolling ‘crown riggs’ of the old ploughing methods on some of the fairways, a feature you’ll see on some older country courses that have never enjoyed (or suffered from) modern landscaping. These crown riggs can make for an interesting bounce and, of course, more fun. Originally stretching to only nine holes, it’s now a pretty challenging par 68.


BabertonClaiming to be the home of the steel-shafted golf club (well goodness me!) Baberton is on the way into Edinburgh from Belstane. Of similar vintage to most of the other mature country courses around here, Baberton was swallowed during the twentieth century by expanding Edinburgh. However, for a course so close to Edinburgh, the visitors’ prices are very fair. A new clubhouse and some work to the course funded by some clever juggling of land to accommodate a house builder gives it a modern feel.


Dave Rice, Belstane Country Cabins

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